Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Winter Weather Warms Up Home Searches in Fountain Hills!

As much of the nation grapples with the most brutal winter in recent memory, homeowners in Fountain Hills can count their blessings! Our weather forecast calls for sunshine and temperatures in the 70's during the next two weeks. No snow, no windchill, no frostbite...no wonder so many people look to warm-weather states like Arizona for vacation homes and retirement property!

Home buyers from around the country are looking at homes for sale in places like Arizona and Fountain Hills right now. According to Trulia, as the mercury goes down, home searches in sunbelt states heat up! From December 1 through January 21, warm-weather states saw a 4.4% increase in home search activity, each time northern temperatures dropped by 10 degrees.

Specifically, home searches in metro Phoenix went up by 6.9% as temperatures dropped elsewhere! The only metro scoring higher in home search activity was Miami at 7.3%. (We may be biased, but the better real estate deals are here in Arizona!) As a whole, home searches in warm-weather vacation areas are up by an average of 5.5%.

Migration to sunbelt states has been going on for decades. This winter has provided extra incentive for residents of the frozen north to shop for better weather! And with our advanced medical centers, Fortune 500 companies, and excellent golf and recreation, the Phoenix-Scottsdale area will continue to attract home buyers. People may visit for the climate, but they stay for the lifestyle!

If you are thinking of selling your Fountain Hills home, now is the time to obtain expert advice and prepare for your opportunities on the market. Spring break is just around the corner, and our tourism season can turn into home buying season! Get started with my free e-book, "450 Ways to Sell Your Home Faster!"

Let me help you with home staging tips, top-dollar strategies, and more! Contact me for your personal home selling consultation. I'll be happy to share the latest homes sales activity and trends!

Tina Nabers
Nabers Property Management & Real Estate

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Selling Your Fountain Hills Home in 2014? 4 Steps to Take Now!

Fountain Hills home sellers have reasons to be optimistic in 2014! Foreclosure inventory in Arizona has dropped by 50% from a year ago, according to data from CoreLogic. Median home prices in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area saw gains through much of 2013. Will the momentum continue in 2014?

Some analysts say yes, some say no! Early pessimism hit when home prices stalled during the last couple months 2013. However, this may have been partially due to the Federal budget wrangling that dominated headlines at the time. When you consider that home inventory in Fountain Hills remains low, while demand among home buyers and investors remains strong, there is certainly room for price growth in our market.

This year, some home sellers in Fountain Hills will do better than others, no matter what the market conditions. A top-dollar sale comes when you show your home at its best! I have proven strategies for you in my popular e-book, "450 Ideas to Sell Your Home Faster!"  It's completely free, and I encourage you to obtain your copy today. I'm sharing some quick tips with you now!

1. Start eyeing your competition. Take a look at homes for sale in your neighborhood, and ask about recently sold prices. I can show you Fountain Hills market information that includes original listing price, final sales price, days on market, and more.

2. Get a home inspection. You might be so used to that dripping faucet that you don't even notice it anymore. Same thing for the rattle in the dishwasher, or the loose railing on the deck. A home inspection is a good way to evaluate your home's condition objectively. If issues are found, you may not have to fix everything in order to sell - but you will need to price your home accordingly.

3. Spruce up the home interior. Fresh paint, polished floors, and sparkling clean kitchens and baths appeal strongly to home buyers. Remove clutter - for good! Get in the habit of keeping your home in ready-to-show condition.

4. Have a sale plan. How fast should your home sell? How much profit can you reasonably expect from the sale? These questions can be answered by obtaining a pre-sale consultation. I will conduct a comparative market analysis, and present you with a net sheet that estimates your potential home sale price, projected transaction expenses, and estimated cash at closing.

It's never too soon to get started! I have many more home sale strategies and staging tips I'd like to share with you. Contact me today, and find out how we can sell your Fountain Hills home for top dollar in 2014!

Tina Nabers
Nabers Property Management & Real Estate