Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Staging Your Fountain Hills Home on a Dime

When you look around your home do you see bare walls and minimal decorations? Maybe you are the opposite, with family photos covering every wall and books stacked and jammed into a bookcase. Either way, when you are selling your Fountain Hills home, all of these can affect the way perspective buyers see your property.  Staging a home can get expensive, but it doesn’t always have to be with these helpful tips.

The first step in staging your home is to put away your books and family photos. Yes, it is nice to see personal items, but they tend to overpersonalize the experience for a buyer. When looking at your home you want the buyers to see it as their future home and be able to picture their own things there. Books are great to have around, but when there are too many carelessly put onto a book shelf it makes that area look unorganized. Pack those away, put some fresh flowers or a basket or two to fill the space, but not clutter it.

If your kitchen is usually an area you drop your keys and other important things, like coupons or grocery lists, clean up and put the clutter away. Buying a couple pieces of fruit and placing them in a nice bowl turns the room from a work place into a kitchen that is perfect to cook in. Stage the area for what it is. 

Adding accent colors to a room also creates a focal point, an area in which the buyer is focused on. This could be a spacious area in the living room or over the fireplace where a nice piece of artwork rests.  For instance, if you have a couch that is one solid color, add an accent that looks appropriate, but also makes that area pop out. Stand back and look at it, would you notice it right away? The answer should be yes! 

Many of these steps can be done on a budget. Borrowing pieces from friends and family can help. Buying a nice $15 dollar mirror to hang above your fireplace to show the openness of the room won’t break your budget, and will give that room more depth.  Also, just putting away some things makes your rooms look bigger, and will let people focus on the room rather than the knick-knacks and magazines sitting on the table. 

If you have any questions when it comes to staging a home, buying, or selling a home in Fountain Hills feel free to contact me! I'd be happy to help. I can't wait to hear from you!

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