Monday, August 5, 2013

New Art around the Town of Fountain Hills

I usually take my 9 year old Australian Shepherd to the fountain park most mornings around daybreak all year long. We've seen alot of sightings in the past few years from javelina families to bald eagles. But one morning we were coming around the corner going down to the amphitheater when I saw a large animal bending over getting a drink out of the fountain lake. I thought
is was a very large coyote. As we got closer, the animal picked up its head, saw us and took off so fast I was shocked it could move like that. As I stood there with my mouth open, my dog was pulling on her leash wanting to chase the animal down. Of course, I held on to her tightly. I knew the 80-100 lb. bobcat that was running into the desert at about 50 miles an hour, would have torn my 70 lb. dog apart. I wish I had my camera with me to capture the speed and grace of that animal. Needless to say, last week we were at the park and I noticed a few new sightings and I can take a picture of these sightings anytime. New art structures are popping up all over town and a few down at the fountain park. If you haven't walked the fountain lately, you should. You never know what you might encounter!

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