Monday, May 19, 2014

Tips for Top Dollar Offers on your Fountain Hills Home!

Some home sellers in Fountain Hills are finding that 2014 could be the Year of the Picky Home Buyer. While home prices are competitive and interest rates are low, buyers are frequently basing decisions on home condition. Homes that have recent upgrades and show like new are drawing the most buyer activity - and the best offers!

This doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune preparing your home for the market. There's no need to completely remodel - but you must be willing to look at your home with a critical eye. Simply put, many well-qualified buyers are not willing to take on a home that needs work.

This isn't out of laziness; it's simple economics. Mortgage rates are low enough that it makes sense for buyers to purchase the nicest home they can afford with the fewest worries, rather than buy a dated home and face repairs and updates out of their own pockets.

Here are a few examples of updates and repairs that should be considered:
  • Paint rooms with neutral colors. Earth tones are "in."
  • Replace worn out or stained carpeting.
  • Repair/refinish hardwood flooring.
  • Replace outdated appliances - stainless steel finishes remain popular.
  • Replace worn or stained kitchen countertops with granite.
  • Remove clutter from the interior of your home, as well as from the garage and lot.
  • Replace cracked tile.
  • Install new tub and shower liners.
  • Have the air conditioning inspected and serviced.
  • Add interest to the exterior landscaping - a splash of color adds curb appeal and makes your home stand out.
A good sales strategy begins with evaluating home condition and prioritizing necessary repairs and updates. I will help you by providing a pre-sale consultation - free of charge! You may also wish to have a home inspection completed. Often, we become so used to living with our home condition issues, such as a slow-dripping faucet or worn carpet, that we no longer take notice of them.

A top-dollar sale comes when you show your home at its best! I have proven strategies for you in my popular e-book, "450 Ideas to Sell Your Home Faster!"  It's completely free, and I encourage you to obtain your copy today.

I have many more home sale strategies and staging tips I'd like to share with you. Contact me today, and find out how we can sell your Fountain Hills home for top dollar!

Tina Nabers
Nabers Property Management & Real Estate

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