Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Profit From Your Fountain Hills Estate Sale

When you look around your Fountain Hills home, do you see clutter? Estate sales aren’t usually known as money makers, but there is a way to make a profit from it!

Labeling your sale as an estate sale, or moving sale, is more likely to bring people there.  A garage sale indicates someone trying to get rid of their junk. Having a moving or estate sale makes the buyer think that you need to liquidate your home, not just get rid of things.  While naming your sale in a professional matter helps, it is also beneficial to place signs for it in high traffic areas. While posting a sign in your neighborhood helps, posting them on local busy street corners is more effective. The more people that see your signs the more you will sell. 

Having special offers is great too. Placing a broken table in the front with a free sign will get people to stop, and once they stop they are most likely going to start looking around. Also, giving discounts to buyers that spend a lot of money is great. If they are spending 50 dollars at your sale, make it known that are you going to cut it down to 45. Don’t be afraid to bargain. When buyers approach you and ask for a lower price, feel free to lower it, however don’t lower it so much that you feel you are practically giving it away. 

How you place your items is especially important.  When putting out your items, don’t clutter your tables, space everything out so the buyer can see everything you have. Having to rummage through a box to see what is in there isn’t a selling point. Items that are similar, place next to each other. If you have tools you are selling, put them all next to each other. Even labeling helps. If an object is somewhat foreign but highly priced, make sure the buyer knows exactly what it is. 

When to have your sale is sometimes hard to figure out. Checking with your municipal leaders is important to make sure you can have a sale on certain days. Starting the sale early in the day is best because on the weekends people are up early. Not leaving it open very late is a great way to get more traffic. Buyers aren’t out at 7:00 looking for estate sales. 

Hosting a sale in Fountain Hills is a great way to get rid of things you don’t need. Following these tips will bring more people and a larger profit your way.  

If you have any questions regarding Fountain Hills real estate, feel free to contact me today!

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