Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Turn Your Fountain Hills Home into a Stay at Home Vacation

Have you ever wanted to take a vacation, but just didn’t have the time to do it? Well, here are some ways to turn your Fountain Hills home into a stay at home vacation. Enjoying your home is important, but turning it into your own little sanctuary is even better.

With summer in full force this year, you should be able to enjoy it, from the comfort of your Fountain Hills home. There are many ways to relax in your own yard. A great way is to hang a hammock; it doesn’t matter if you have two perfect trees to use, or if you plant sturdy posts in your yard to hold it. Rocking back and forth, or just laying down to enjoy a good book, nothing says summer like a hammock. 

Restoring your outdoor furniture is easy, and great for when you have company over. Looking at your furniture from last year you may see a vinyl strap missing, or a hole in the seat of a fabric chair, but all these repairs need is a quick trip to the fabric store to buy a simple piece of fabric, or a new strap to repair to chair. 

Inviting friends and neighbors over for a barbecue at your Fountain Hills home is another excellent way to enjoy the summer at home.  Installing what some call an outdoor kitchen is one way to do this, but another, simpler way is to install a low maintenance grill. While dining during the day, a wonderful idea to enjoy the weather without being beaten down by the sun is to put a simple cover over your table. Planting tall posts and attaching a sheet will create a cover for your table, but will also be sheer enough to enjoy the day. 

Another addition to create a vacation feel at home is to install a bench. This bench can be stationary and placed in the front of back of the home, to just enjoy the silence after a long day. Or maybe you would prefer a swinging bench to hang from a front porch to sit and socialize with neighbors. 

Creating your stay at home vacation is simple with these quick tips. 

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